Biography of jody

Jody began painting in 1988 at the now infamous Barton Hill Youth Club in Bristol, widely acknowledged for nurturing Bristol's first generation of graffiti writers, which gave rise to the likes of Banksy and Inkie.

As a teenager Jody developed a strong black and white figurative style.  This early work, often depicting brooding, sometimes unnerving portraits, demonstrated a clear talent for creating photo-realistic pieces with a technical competence way ahead of his contemporaries and now, after spending much of the last decade working in design, developing his own branding and art direction business, he has returned to painting.

"A lot has happened to me personally in the last few years, including becoming a father. So my work has gone through a bit of an evolution.  It reflects a clearer side of me”.

Both in subject and in technique there is a new maturity in his work and his portraits, although not always easy on the eye, do have a painterly quality to them which transcends their origins in street art and any doubts surrounding his chosen method of applying paint to canvas.

As far as painting style is concerned he prefers the term ‘aerosol artist’. Defining his work is perhaps more difficult, he is not ‘graffiti’ in the strict and traditional sense of the word yet his work originates from, and is influenced by, that art form. Taking his inspiration from film, music and TV his work crosses age and cultural barriers to dispel the myth that graffiti is an exclusive art form that people can’t fathom or work out.

He has exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, View Gallery and had 2 sell out solo shows at the Weapon of Choice Gallery.







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