Biography of Peter Graham

If there is such a thing as a contemporary artist continuing an established artistic tradition then Peter Graham must be recognised as having achieved this position in respect of the Scottish Colourist movement of the early 20th century. He has maintained the movement’s preoccupation with light and intense colour, gaining in the process a national and international reputation for his highly distinctive paintings and watercolours.

Peter works wherever possible ‘on location’ painting directly from the subject, be it the Art Deco buildings of Miami Beach, the harbours and cafes of the South of France, or the luxury hotels that provide many of his interior scenes.

His pictures are flamboyant with dramatic use of colour and combine detailed brushwork with loose, fluid strokes.

‘When painting on location, detail is secondary to space and atmosphere; I like to anchor my composition with a vertical, perhaps a window frame, figure or pillar, then establish a dominant colour key. My use of colour is as personal as handwriting; to express with colour is to connect with light and bring a description to that light. For me, colour holds the balance of power within the scene’.










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